AWDis are a leading ethical manufacturer of Hoodies, Sweatshirts and other leisure wear items all of which are perfect to print or embroider your custom logo on. If you are looking for high quality garments at great value prices then AWDis could be the perfect choice.  

AWDis are passionate about doing things the right way, which is why they use WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories.

WRAP's "12 Principles" are based on accepted international workplace standards and regulations which encompass human resources management, health and safety, environmental practices, legal compliance including import/export and customs conformity, security standards and local laws.

WRAP has grown to become a global leader in social compliance. Its comprehensive inspection and certification process has made it the world's largest independent social compliance certification program for the apparel/textile industry.

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AWDis JH030 Sweatshirt

AWDis Hoods JH030 Unisex 80/20 Sweatshirt
From £6.33 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH030B Kids Sweatshirt

AWDis JH030B Kids AWDis 80/20 Sweatshirt
From £5.27 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH040 Heather Sweatshirt

AWDis Hoods JH040 Unisex Heather Sweatshirt
From £7.67 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH043B Kids Varsity Jacket

AWDis JH043B Kids Varsity College Jacket
From £10.60 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH045 Girlie Heather Sweatshirt

AWDis Hoods AWDis JH045 Girlie Heather Women's Sweatshirt
From £7.67 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH050 Zoodie Full Zip Hoodie

AWDis JH050 Zoodie Unisex Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
From £11.47 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH050B Kids Zoodie

AWDis JH050B 80/20 Kids Zoodie
From £9.27 Ex. VAT

AWDis JH053B Kids Varsity Zoodie

AWDis JH053B Kids Varsity Full Zip Zoodie
From £10.60 Ex. VAT